How to Clean your Recliner: Top 5 Cleaning Hacks

How do I clean a soft chair at home?

If you would like to order a sofa with a chair (where the same fabric and color will be the same), then order them together. Do not make mistakes for many customers: first, they order the sofa, and then a few months later prove the chair.

There is a very high risk that batches of rolls of fabric will differ slightly in color. Furniture factories are unable to control the chemical composition of textile mills, which tend to change the formula.

Cleaning upholstered furniture with fabric upholstery is complicated by the fact that the materials may have traced.

In this case, it is important to choose the right cleaner and detergent, use cleaning methods that match the type of upholstery fabric. In this article, we will consider how to clean the chair at home easily and quickly. We will learn how to do it without harming the fabric upholstery.

Cleaning chairs depending on the type of upholstery


The most frequently used for upholstery of upholstered furniture is flock. Do not scrape dried up dirt from this type of material, otherwise you will damage the fabric! To clean stains from the flock, use soapy water and a soft cloth or special detergents.

Covers made of the flock must not be washed with aggressive compounds and solvents and must not be whitened or squeezed!

The Jacquard cover is very strong and UV-resistant and resistant to sudden temperature changes. It is not erased, does not burn out, keeps quality and original color for a long time.

In this case, too, it is impossible to scrape off dirt. For cleaning it is recommended to use soap foam, a soft cloth or sponge and a dry cloth. Powders and agents containing chlorine must not be used for jacquard!

Tapestry is characterized by density, strength and practicality. It is the most durable natural upholstery material, which can only be cleaned by dry cleaning. In rare cases, you can use wet cleaning with slightly warm water and shampoo.

At the same time, only soap foam should be applied to the tapestry, not the product! Otherwise, the colour of the furniture will fade and the pattern will be quickly erased. Besides, the material can sit down.

velour upholstery, splender and microfiber also can not be scraped, cleaned with aggressive chemicals.

For cleaning, choose soap foam, warm water at room temperature and a soft cloth, dry wipes. The velour should be cleaned in two stages. First, treat the cloth with a dry, medium-hard bristle brush, then wipe with a soft sponge and a vinegar solution of water.

How to Clean Leather Furniture

Natural or artificial leather furniture is more difficult to care for because of the sensitivity of the material. Therefore, it is better to purchase special products for leather processing for cleaning.

Use a minimum of water when cleaning. Frequent washing of leather goods with water will cause the color to fade and the furniture will lose its previous presentable appearance.

Mix a tablespoonful of vodka, water and vinegar to remove shabby and greasy areas. Fat and oily stains will remove cleaned gasoline or lemon juice. Traces of ink, food and drink can be removed with a mixture of gasoline and starch. Take a tablespoon of each component and mix it.

Dust the leather seats regularly with a soft, dry cloth or vacuum the furniture. Do not use wet wipes or corrosive products for leather! Try to remove stains immediately after formation and do not leave garbage on the chair, otherwise it will leave dark stripes and scratches.

The white leather armchair can be cleaned with egg white or a mixture of milk and protein. By the way, such a folk remedy will not only remove impurities, but also refresh the material and return the previous shine.

To renew leather furniture of any color, use natural oils, castor oil, and linseed oil. Such products also moisturize the leather and provide additional protection for the material.